10 thousand cheaper than the flagships-a smartphone for 10 thousand cheaper will be released in 2021

The release of new smartphones is in line with the current trend of releasing cheap devices with excellent features. This is due to the fact that even a few years ago, the cost of a smartphone varied from 7 to 12 thousand$ (in some cases, even more expensive). Today, modern flagships are noticeably cheaper than 10 thousand$, because they are released in 2020, and the buyer is looking for a more powerful device.So, 10 thousand cheaper than the flagships — a smartphone for 10 thousand cheaper will be released in 2021:Motorola One VisionThere is no need to get into any back and forth, because this model is already available for review. The smartphone looks quite attractive, and there are already lenses. The model is made of plastic, which is very convenient for viewing images, and it will not be difficult for the user to find a case that will protect the device from dust and moisture. There is also a Micro SD slot. It is worth noting the excellent photo quality is provided by the main camera module, where there is also a 3D lens. Let's talk about the rest of the hardware in more detail.Technical specifications of the device:The processor. The eight-core MediaTek Helio P35, although not among the top-end processors, but can still be considered for purchase: it's a good solution for your money. It will be quite possible to find such a chipset in a budget device. It will also be quite possible to find a good gadget inside a compact display.The screen. 6.7" with a resolution of 1560x720 pixels. The solution is quite simple, but the user gets a good picture from the screen. It is quite possible to forget about pixel density, but One Vision has it, because the resolution is not reduced.RAM. The user has a choice of 2 RAM options: 6 GB and 8 GB. But the first option is quite common, and that's enough for stable operation of the system.Built-in memory. There is a choice of 32 GB and 64 GB of internal memory. The first option is quite common, and that's enough for many programs and files, while the second one is better to buy if the user wants.The camera. The main camera has the following parameters: 12 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP. For the budget segment, the quality of photos is quite good. However, the video is simply not worth waiting for, so we will look at the 8 MP front camera.Battery. The battery capacity of the One Vision is 4,500 mAh: a good result for a budget solution. In addition, the smartphone boasts an average battery life of 15 hours of continuous mobile gaming. Not bad at all!So, 10 thousand cheaper than flagships — a smartphone for 10,000 cheaper than the