Volvo's American-Made EX90 Previews the Electric Future

Laurance Yap
Dec 2022
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Volvo's all-new EX90 is a seven-seat all-electric SUV that is the first of eight new full-electric Volvo models, one of which will be introduced every year from now until 2030. It has an estimated range of 300 miles and will be available at a starting MSRP under $80,000. It's also made in the USA.
a volvo ex90 parked on a cement pier overlooking the ocean

Well-Loved SUV Goes All-Electric

Volvo’s XC90 has been one of the best seven-seater SUVs available in the U.S. since its introduction in the early 2000s. It combined good Scandinavian looks, a spacious and versatile interior, and Volvo’s legendary safety in a well-sized, well-priced package throughout its generations. As recently as the middle of 2022, the XC90 was one of our favorite hybrid SUVs, with its excellent drivetrain and gorgeous interior.

Now, Volvo is getting ready to leave the well-loved XC90 behind, and is set to replace it with a new model, the EX90. The company says the new Volvo EX90 represents the start of a new era for the company, setting course for a completely electric future. Starting with the EX90, Volvo will reveal one new fully-electric vehicle per year, with the goal of all models in its lineup being fully-electric by 2030. By 2040, Volvo aims to be a completely climate-neutral company.

Bold Scandinavian Design

It is a bold move for Volvo to start its electric transition with one of its most popular models. Then again, seven-seater SUVs are always a strong-selling category, and the new EX90 has excellent on-paper credentials. It is a true seven-seater, and raises Volvo’s high standards for safety, design, and sustainability even higher than before.

The company calls the new EX90 an instant classic in Scandinavian design, and on first look, it is hard to argue. The new Volvo defines the principle of form following function. It’s a versatile, stylish family SUV with thoroughly modern proportions and detailing. Its face is defined by a blanked-out “grille” with floating Volvo logo, and it’s flanked by raked-back “Thor’s hammer” headlights leading into strong shoulders. The EX90 is longer than before, which befits interior space, and a full-length glass roof brings plenty of natural light into the cabin.

The EX90’s interior is gorgeous, as well. It’s upholstered in natural and sustainable fabrics, and the dashboard, instrument cluster, and infotainment system are simple in design and operation. A central 14.5-inch touchscreen controls most vehicle functions.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Volvo has invested millions in the new EX90’s technology. Using the latest hardware, it is designed to get better over time thanks to the use of over-the-air software updates, like your smartphone. The company promises lightning-fast responsiveness and high-quality graphics thanks to the use of technology first pioneered in the world’s best gaming systems.

The center screen is the driver’s gateway to a brand-new infotainment system with Google built-in. Google apps and services standard on the EX90 include hands-free help from Google Assistant, Google Maps navigation Google Play. Thanks to a standard 5G connection, it’s easier to install apps, use the navigation system, and stream music through the new, reference-quality Bowers & Wilkins audio system with speakers integrated into the headrests. Wireless Apple CarPlay is also standard.

The Volvo EX90 will also come with phone key technology as standard. The driver’s smartphone serves as the car key, automatically unlocking the EX90 and starting a personalized welcome sequence. The driver’s personal profile, with seating position, favorite radio stations, infotainment and climate control settings, is also loaded automatically.

Power and Charging

Developed from the ground up as an electric car, the Volvo EX90 will deliver up to an EPA-estimated 300 miles of emissions-free running on a single charge, according to Volvo’s estimates. Its 111-kWh battery is one of the largest on the market, and will DC fast charge from 10 to 80 per cent in about 30 minutes.

The first EX90s to hit the U.S. market will come with standard all-wheel drive thanks to twin electric motors, which will deliver and impressive 496 hp and 671 lb-ft of torque – enough to dash to 60 mph in less than five seconds. Which means it will be swift as well as smooth and silent.

Like many more recent electric cars, the Volvo EX90 has hardware on-board to enable “vehicle to load” or bi-directional charging – letting you use the vehicle’s battery as an energy supply to power other electric devices, power your home during a blackout, or even charge another electric car.

Safe Like a Volvo

The standard safety features of the Volvo EX90 are more comprehensive than any Volvo ever. Essentially, the new seven-seater has an invisible safety shield enabled by the latest sensor technology, inside and out. State-of-the art sensors include cameras, radars and new lidar systems. They are connected to the car’s computers to create a real-time, 360-degree view of the world. Over-the-air updates also let the EX90 get smarter and safer over time, as it learns from new data and receives updates.

Unlike drivers, the EX90’s sensors don’t get tired or distracted. The Lidar system is particularly impressive, able to read the road ahead, day or night, and at highway speeds. It can even see small objects hundreds of feet ahead, creating more time to inform, act and avoid. All of the sensors also improve the performance of assisted driving functions – making them more accurate.

The sensors even look after the driver: in-house algorithms monitor the driver’s eye to gauge concentration. This means the EX90 knows when the driver is distracted, drowsy or otherwise inattentive. It will actually nudge the driver, increasingly insistently, and even safely stop itself and call for help if the driver is not responsive.

Made in the USA

The 2024 Volvo EX90 is now available for pre-order in the United States. Volvo has not announced a specific starting MSRP, but claims it will be available well-equipped at under $80,000. This starting price, plus the fact that it will be built in Charleston, South Carolina, should mean that the new EX90 will be eligible for the full $7,500 federal EV tax credit.

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